Adjusting Baby Shower Ideas to Meet the Needs of a Changing Family Structure

Many baby shower norms and traditions are being shattered by family structures connected by unconditional love, not blood or genetics. Couples and single individuals adopting children or opting to conceive and birth them through advanced scientific procedures are leading the change.

Regardless of the family structure the fundamental celebration of a new addition to the family and the need for baby essentials remains the same. Throwing a baby shower for a new type of family structure involves the same planning that goes into a traditional shower with only minor adjustments to fit the situation.

The case of adoption, especially from overseas, is that often the date at which a child will be available or will arrive from their native country is unknown. In this case, an expectant woman or couple have to be ready to introduce a newborn into the house at any given moment and will have to care for them immediately. In cases such as these having a baby shower beforehand gives the new parents time to set up a nursery and organize all of their baby items.

Adoptive parents can benefit from setting up their nursery before their child arrives since this allows them to experience the nesting process pregnant women go through. It is an important psychological step, and it can help parents feel a connection to what up until that point had been an intangible experience.

No matter what the family structure happens to be, baby shower ideas should be based on the wishes of the expectant mother or couple.