Baby Shower Ideas for Decorations

Decorating for a baby shower is a lot of fun and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Creative baby shower ideas for decorations that incorporate baby items into the décor is a great way to add a unique personal touch to the decorations. It’s also practical because the mom-to-be gets to take home all the goodies to use for baby.

The core of any party is the chosen theme. For baby showers, there are many unique themes available in different color schemes. For cost savings, purchase enough plates and napkins in the chosen design for half of the expected guest list. Then buy more plates and napkins in solid complimentary colors to intermingle with the higher priced design. You can often find the solids at a discount party store or a dollar store.

Once you’ve purchased the paper goods, it’s time to make the venue look beautiful. Tulle isn’t just for weddings anymore. Buy it by the yard from a discount fabric store and drape it over anything that is unsightly and immovable in party space. This gives the party room a light and airy feel.

Decide which of the many handmade crafty decorations best fit your shower motif. Diaper cakes look like a wedding cake, but they are created using disposable diapers, wire-edged ribbon, and crinkle paper. Roll the individual diapers and secure them with a clear or light colored rubber band. Place them in tiers with each tier secured by wide ribbon. Top each layer with the crinkled paper, and finish with a bow as a cake topper.

For another cute decorating idea, hang some of the baby clothes purchased for the shower on a mini clothesline with diaper pins. This creation hangs above the cake or gift table and displays either plain white onesies or more elaborate baby outfits. All components from the crafty decorations go home with the new mommy as part of her gift collection.

Making many of your baby shower decorations is a unique and creative way to make a new mom feel special. This personal touch shows that you care enough to spend extra time and effort planning the baby shower. What better way to show your friend you care about her and her new arrival?