Planning Baby Shower Ideas for Groups

When an unexpected “baby boom” happens among friends or women in the same family, it is not uncommon to host group baby showers to honor all of the women at once. This is sometimes done for army wives since many armed service bases see baby booms after a division comes home. A few years ago one particular military base featured on Oprah had over 100 women pregnant and due around the same time! Although the group baby shower you’re planning won’t rival the one Oprah threw for these special women, it can still be a special event for women to celebrate their common bond.

Planning a group baby shower isn’t as hard as it may appear. One of the major benefits is the involvement of multiple planners. This eases the burden by spreading the many tasks out to different people. It also gives the opportunity for more baby shower ideas to be generated and put into action.

The first step for a group baby shower is to plan a group meeting in person or via the internet with all of the planners involved to decide on a venue, food, games, and other important aspects of the shower. Once the details have been set, each planner should send out invites to the family and friends of their expectant mom. These invitations should note that it is a group shower, but a gift is only expected for the mom that is inviting them.

Each mom should be registered and maintain her own gift registries. It may be beneficial to ensure all moms are registered at the same location for guests buying gifts for more than one mom. At the shower, expectant moms should all open gifts at the same time to prevent the process from becoming too time consuming and tedious for the guests. Each new mom should also have a woman delegated to keeping her opened gifts together as well as maintaining a list for thank you card purposes.

Baby shower ideas when planning a group shower should compliment each of the expectant moms and celebrate the special bond between the expectant women.