Baby Shower Ideas for Games

The beautiful decorations, adorable cake, wonderful gadgets, and cute little outfits are all part of baby shower fun. This wonderful celebration has become the traditional way to welcome a new little person into the world. One way to make it a party that’s a ton of fun and laughs is to come up with baby shower ideas for playing games that involve everyone in attendance.

One game that’s a hit at every shower is Never Say Baby. The title of the game is also the object of the game; don’t say the word “baby.” Give each guest a game piece in the shape of a necklace – one that can be easily removed and handed to another guest. Some options for the game pieces are toy pacifiers threaded on a long ribbon with the ends tied together to make the necklace, strings of plastic beads, or plastic leis. Players are each responsible for policing the other guests as the shower progresses. When someone says “baby,” whoever hears it asks for her necklace. At the end of the party, the guest who has accumulated the largest number of necklaces wins. This is a great icebreaker because guests are happy to talk with one another if it’s about the game - it’s almost impossible not to say “baby” at a baby shower.

Another great game with easy preparation is Baby Word Scramble. Scramble the letters to ten or fifteen words relating to baby gear or parenting – like pacifier, bottle, or diaper – and post them on a board. Give guests pads of paper and have them unscramble the words. The guest who gets the most words correct wins a prize.

To get all the guests focused on the mommy-to-be, play Guess the Tummy Size. Before you include this one, it’s a good idea to clear it with the new mom. Some women are uncomfortable with attention drawn to their size toward the end of pregnancy. If she’s okay with it, pass around a ball of yarn or a roll of toilet paper and ask each guest to remove the length they think will equal the circumference of the mommy’s belly. Once each person has their “guess” in hand, have them approach the pregnant lady and see how well their piece fits. The participant who gets the closest is the winner.

These are just a few of the many possible games to play at a baby shower. The key is to get everyone involved in the fun. To make it a shower to remember, choose unique games that are fun for everyone in attendance, then give great prizes to the winners, and a good time will be had by all.