Baby Shower Ideas for Venue

It’s so much fun to brainstorm for baby shower ideas. You pick out the perfect decorations and cake, put together games to entertain the guests and plan special surprises for the mommy-to-be. One of the first decisions necessary in the planning process is where to hold the shower. There are many different venue options available depending on the shower budget, the number of guests, and the facilities needed for party preparations.

One of the most common and simplest approaches is to host the shower in your home. This works nicely if the guest list is small or your home is quite large. An open layout or a bigger room with lots of seating is the best set up for this type of shower. Another option is to ask to use the home of a close friend or family member. If you choose to do this, it’s important to thank them appropriately afterwards with a nice hostess gift and thank you note.

If the party is going to be a larger affair, you may want to check prices at local civic centers or churches. Many churches offer rental of their fellowship hall for a fee. Attached kitchens are a major advantage to this option, especially if you plan to serve food at the shower. Civic centers usually have rooms to rent as well, most with a set party time limit and a restriction on how early you may arrive to decorate and set up.

A third option is to reserve a party room in a restaurant. This works nicely if a meal is part of the festivities. Many restaurants allow you to reserve a banquet room at no extra charge if you purchase food for a minimum number of guests. For an elaborate shower with a large guest list, this option is quite costly, but it limits your clean up responsibilities and takes care of all food and beverage preparation. The room is usually available for an extended period of time following the meal and it offers plenty of space and privacy so that your event can progress at a pace that works for all involved.

There are many different alternatives available when choosing a venue for a baby shower. It’s important to consider the cost and restrictions of each possibility before you decide on the appropriate one for your event. The important thing is to choose a venue that accommodates all of your party planning needs with the least amount of stress and cost possible.