Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

Throwing a baby shower on a budget is a big challenge. With all of the adorable decorations and gifts available, it’s tough to know what to spend your money on and what to pass by. Fortunately, with a little extra work and a lot of planning, you can throw a wonderful baby shower without breaking the bank. Budgeting for your baby shower ideas ahead of time saves you from unnecessary headaches in the planning process.

To start, decide how much money you can afford to spend. If there are other friends involved in shower planning, ask if they can help out financially. The main goal is to set a spending limit and stick to it. Once you have your number in place, it’s time to prioritize.

Determine what aspect of the shower is most important to the mom-to-be. If you don’t know for sure, ask her. The goal of any baby shower is to her feel as special as possible so you want it to be as ideal as possible. Is there a specific cake she’s had her eye on for the shower? Has a certain party theme interested her? Are elaborate games important to her? Make a list, and put the items in order of importance. Then allocate a specific spending amount to each thing.

Once you have everything you need for item one, move down the list in order of priority. This enables you to use any leftover funds from the top priority for items that follow.

It is possible to throw a baby shower with limited funds; it just requires some extra thought and creativity. Once you make it work one time and people see how thoughtful and delightful your baby shower ideas are, others may approach you and ask for your help with their own baby showers. The key is to put the mother’s wishes first and keep your priorities straight.