Incorporating Baby Shower Ideas into a Baby Shower Theme and Decorations

One of the most important details in creating a joyful, celebratory atmosphere for a baby shower is the decorating scheme chosen to adorn the room. While thinking of various baby shower ideas, keep in mind that everything should fit in with the overall theme of the shower. In addition to decorations the cake, linens, and party favors should keep with the theme for the day to pull off an enjoyable, well-planned event.

There are a number of baby shower ideas to use for decorating. From store bought decorations to homemade, all elements of a shower together will provide for a special afternoon for the expectant mom and her honored guests. Whether keeping with more traditional baby shower ideas or opting for something trendier or more personal, the first step is to choose the theme for the shower. For example, a nursery rhyme theme at a shower is more traditional while a “cultures around the world” theme can honor women from all nationalities gathering to celebrate the expectant mom’s new child.

Once a theme is chosen extend it through every aspect of the shower. For instance, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” centerpieces could easily and cheaply be achieved by placing sparkly stars on stems of glass vases which contain marbles. By surrounding the vases with start-shaped votive candles, the sparkly stars will reflect and shimmer off the glass.

For a baby shower with a garden theme, Gerber daises in tall, narrow glass vases can add playful splashes of color without requiring a lot of time beforehand to decorate.

Although you want all of the elements to tie together don’t overdue it. Keep each aspect of the decorating simple so that when it’s pulled together it’s tasteful and elegant instead of overdone and gaudy.