Baby Shower Ideas and Options for Choosing the Perfect Venue

Planning a baby shower is a big responsibility, but it can be a cherished, rewarding experience if planned in an organized manner. Since many baby showers are planned by multiple people such as close friends or sisters, having a process where everyone is aware of their role not only saves time but headaches and possibly friendships along the way.

The first thing to do when charged with the task of planning a shower is to make a list of every task that needs completed such as venue, food, favors, invitations, etc. Gather all of the women responsible for planning the shower via in person or email to brainstorm baby shower ideas for an overall theme. Once a theme is decided delegate the responsibilities by dividing the tasks up among the women. Be sure to include deadlines for when each task should be completed.

Getting baby shower ideas and specific requests from the expectant mother is an important task since it ensures the shower will be something she enjoys. Make sure to get the names and addresses of the guests she wants invited.

After developing an approximate number of attendees based on the number of guests to be invited, secure a venue which is appropriate for the shower. Many restaurants have small banquet rooms to rent out to parties. Although this is usually more expensive than other venue options, it can save time if it includes food in the overall cost. Planners on a budget should consider finding a host willing to hold it at their home.

Once a date and venue have been finalized, set a deadline for the invitations to be sent out. Postage costs can be split among the planners as long as the other aspects and details of the shower are handled in the same manner.

After the invitations have been sent decide on decorations, seating arrangements, games, and shower favors to ensure the afternoon is enjoyable for guests. Additionally, have a pre-planned system for opening the gifts since the process can become tedious for guests if it’s drawn out or disorganized. One person should be charged with handing a gift from the pile to the guest of honor, while another should be ready to record what the gift is and who gave it to the expectant mom.

A well planned shower will convey the excitement and joy the expectant mother feels while providing her guests with an elegant, enjoyable afternoon.