Creating Party Favors from Baby Shower Ideas

Sending guests home with party favors creates a nice ending to an enjoyable baby shower by showing the generous guests how appreciated both their gifts and their presence really are. Party favors are generally small trinkets which symbolize the happy day and keep with the baby shower ideas created for the occasion. The more personal the favors are the more cherished they are by guests.

Personalized magnets or small clay pots with personalized seeds can make excellent party favors since they can symbolize new life. Seating name cards in small pewter frames the guest can take home at the end of the day are also highly regarded by most attendees. Additionally, most showers offer games in which the winners get to take home a prize or the centerpieces from their table.

A small bag of elegant candies or homemade cookies can add a personal touch to the party favors, while fun favors playing off the baby theme could include pacifier pops and candy rattlers. Sending the guests home with sweet treats for their sweet gestures is can make the shower memorable for all guests.

any favors and baby shower ideas can be found at party planning stores or craft stores for hosts wanting to make the party favors themselves. An extra special party favor to honor the expectant grandmother and great grandmother is to give them corsages to wear during the event signifying their matriarchal place in the new mom’s life.