Dollar Store Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is an expensive endeavor, but it is possible to throw a nice shower on a reasonable budget. One way to limit spending is to purchase as many shower supplies as possible at your local dollar store. This may sound like it would cheapen the quality of the shower, but with the right planning and forethought, it can save the planner money without taking away from the overall class of the shower.

Paper products are some of the most common supplies to purchase from the dollar store. If you have selected a theme that is only available elsewhere, you can still purchase solid colors at the dollar store to intermingle with your theme, saving money overall. You can also buy plastic cups and utensils there, as well as streamers and confetti to complement your d├ęcor.

The dollar store is also a great place to purchase prizes for baby shower games. Most stores have picture frames, scented candles, bubble bath, and fragrant lotions. Any combination these items made into gift baskets are perfect for prizes. Purchase a nice gift bag or basket to combine the items into a lovely door prize or hostess gift.

Dollar stores also have a wide selection of gift wrap, bows, ribbon, and tissue paper if you need wrapping supplies. Shower cards and baby items such as bottles, pacifiers, and some clothing are also on display at some locations.

When throwing a baby shower, there are some items that cost a great deal no matter where you purchase them. By shopping for some of the smaller items at your local dollar store, you save money and still make your party a high quality, beautifully executed affair to remember.