Baby Shower Ideas Should Include Games to Help Break the Ice and Celebrate the Day.

One of the fun aspects of planning a baby shower is coming up with the games for the guests to play. Baby shower games are a tradition. They help create a festive atmosphere and encourage guests who may not know each other to interact in a fun way. There are a number of baby shower ideas for games that can be used.

A simple game is to pass around a glass jar filled with safety pins and have each guest guess the number of pins inside. The guest who comes closest to the correct number of pins without going over wins a prize.

Another great game to help break the ice is guessing baby pictures. Each guest brings unlabeled baby pictures of themselves for other guests to identify. This game immediately gets everyone laughing and sharing, and it provides a nice touch of nostalgia for friends and family.

A game requiring very few materials is the Baby Name Scrambler Game. Pen and paper is all that is needed. Guests take the name of the soon-to-be bundle of joy and make as many words as they can using only the letters in the name.

Baby shower ideas are fun to brainstorm. They can help break the ice and immediately put guests at ease.