Baby Shower Ideas on How to Personalize a Registry Gift

Finding the perfect baby shower ideas for the expectant mom to be is made easier when the recipient uses a gift registry. However, choosing gifts from a registry may seem impersonal for some people. There are simple, special touches that can be made to a registry gift to make it more personal and thoughtful.

Most stores which have baby registries offer online access to the registry list. Women particularly close to the expectant mom can pool money from a group of friends to purchase one of the larger ticket items such as a stroller, car seat, or high chair. Not only are they great baby shower ideas, but they provide the mom with something they truly need without being a financial burden. Making use of the online registry allows you to view the large items as well as their cost so you may plan accordingly with the other women.

Creating a gift basket full of small items for the new mom is a thoughtful and easy approach to giving from the gift registry. When choosing the small items, try to stick to a theme. For example buy all of the small items involving baby hygiene such as shampoo, a baby robe, washcloths, powder, etc. Select a nice wicker basket to line with tissue paper and fill with all of the gifts. Include a few rubber ducks or tug boats the child can play with at bath time when they’re older. By giving a basket of small registry items, you’ve provided the mom to be with a lot of the items she needs as well as the personal touch you desire.

If your budget only allows for only one or two small gifts make it special by making it a gift for mom. A nice robe to wear during the hospital stay, scented candles to help her relax or hand lotion she can fit in her purse are great examples of gifts you can give. They remind the mom that while the focus is on the baby, she can still take time to enjoy herself.