Using Baby Shower Ideas to Make an Impression with Baby Shower Invitations

Planning an elegant baby shower for a special woman in your life should be perfect down to the details including the invitations which inform guests of the special day. Receiving an invitation to a baby shower is the first impression a guest has of the upcoming celebration.

The first step in sending out shower invitations is to ask the expectant mom to compile a list of desired guests and their current address. Creating envelope labels using a computer will save time and allow for a font that creates a clean, elegant look. It may be worth your time to travel to the post office for a specific stamp, since the stamp on the envelope can also add to the first impression if it coincides with the baby shower ideas being used.

Invitations should be consistent with the overall theme being used for the shower. The host can make the invitations by hand for a personal touch or create them through a design program on their computer.

Certain information should be included on each invitation to inform the guests of the details of the shower. Location, date, time, and the name of the honoree are all important. Additional information can be included as well such as the host for the party, directions to the location, and reservation information.

Since the whole tradition behind a baby shower is to shower the expectant mom with presents, be sure to include any applicable registry information along with the website and physical address of local stores. This will make finding a gift easier for the guests, and it will ensure that the guest of honor receives items she requested.

Finally if the baby shower is a surprise be sure to state this on the invitation so no one inadvertently spills the beans. Stress the arrival time on the invitation for the surprise and request that those who are late wait a designated amount of time before making an entrance. This will ensure the surprise isn’t spoiled at the very last moment.

It can be fun to come up with baby shower ideas and put them into action. Carrying these ideas through to the invitations can provide for a special day for both the mom-to-be and her honored guests.