Planning a Menu to Fit the Baby Shower Ideas

One of the most memorable aspects of just about any special occasion is the food. The secret to memorable food is variety, taste, temperature and an aesthetically pleasing presentation. This is especially important at an event such as a baby shower where guests bring generous gifts and often expect good food in return. There are many options when it comes to incorporating baby shower ideas into the menu.

Choosing the most appropriate venue is the first step in planning the menu. Many restaurants have private banquets rooms which can be rented out to parties and include the food in the overall price. If the shower is held at a private residence, the host will be responsible for making the food arrangements.

There are several baby shower ideas that can make the food less expensive. Having the host prepare the food themselves rather than have it cater is a great way to save money. Guests to the shower who are close family or friends to the honoree may also be asked to assist with the preparation if the host is overwhelmed.

Try to remain consistent with the overall theme and baby shower ideas when selecting the menu. Finger sandwiches, an assortment of fine fruits and cheeses and warm baguettes are a great example of food for an afternoon garden shower. Regardless of the overall theme be sure to include enough variety that those guests with dietary restrictions can find something to eat. For example, sugar-free cookies suitable for diabetics should be served in addition to the cake. It is also important that the food is appropriate and of desired taste for the pregnant mom.

One of the most important details of the shower is the cake. A beautifully decorated cake can end the event on a delightful tone as well as make for a lovely table decoration during the rest of the shower. Choose a look that will compliment the baby shower ideas chosen for the day. A duck cake is perfect for a shower with a nursery rhyme theme while a traditional white cake adorned with fresh flowers will look beautiful at a garden shower.