The Jack and Jill Shower is a New Trend in Baby Shower Ideas

A recent trend in baby shower ideas is to throw a “Jack and Jill” shower in which both expectant parents and their friends are involved. This type of shower celebrates the impending birth with the happy couple rather than just the mom-to-be. Since the father is present, couples rather than just women are invited to attend.

Planning a “Jack and Jill” shower differs slightly from traditional planning as the baby shower must cater to both women and men. Activities and events should be fun for both sexes. This might mean giving up some of the more traditional baby shower games to not make any of the men feel excluded.

“Jack and Jill” showers celebrate the formation of a new family unit and encourage couples to share it with all family and friends regardless of gender. Although the basic showering of gifts remains the same, a few accommodations can be made for the men who may initially feel uncomfortable attending a baby shower. Handing out ceremonial cigars for the men to enjoy outside after the meal while the women play a game is just one example of this.

When choosing baby shower ideas and a decorating scheme try to keep simple and elegant in mind. Men don’t want to be overwhelmed with pictures of baby ducks and pink umbrellas.

Finally, since “Jack and Jill” showers are more geared to be a social event between friends, it is not unusual to hold them in the late afternoon and early evening. It is even appropriate to serve light alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. When planned correctly and specified on the invitation, a “Jack and Jill” shower can allow all friends and family members to be part of the celebration with the expectant parents.