Having A Theme Baby Shower Can Make Both The Guest Of Honor And Her Guests Feel Honored And Pampered.

Planning a baby shower for an expectant mother can be a very rewarding and exciting experience. It is often easier to create and carryout an overall theme for the shower in all the details. A variety of baby shower ideas should be considered when deciding upon a theme. In addition, the expectant mother’s personal tastes and wishes should be taken into consideration.

Traditional baby shower ideas include a pink or blue theme depending on the gender of the baby. Having a better-defined theme can add an extra special touch. Baby animals are an excellent example since they allow for more variety while still maintaining the appropriate gender colors.

Holding an elegant tea party where guests are seated at linen-draped tables and fed finger sandwiches and pastries is excellent for a baby shower with a garden theme. Simple flower arrangements can serve as centerpieces and party favors guests can take home with them. Little clay pots with seeds planted inside can also be given to the guests as a thank you for attending.

A nursery rhyme theme for a baby shower works for either gender and can provide guests with an afternoon of nostalgia. Sending out invitations which rhyme and invite guests to come shower their own little “Mother Goose” can start off the shower on the right foot. The number of nursery rhymes to get baby shower ideas from is virtually endless and can even provide food inspiration such as “Hot Cross Buns” which guests will surely enjoy.

The opportunity for guests to share their favorite childhood book can be done by using a children’s book for the theme of the shower. Along with the customary gift which will help the mother once the baby arrives, each guest is asked to give a copy of their favorite childhood book new or used. Be sure to stress that not all the books have to be suitable for an infant or toddler but can range in age up to twelve years so that the child can be presented with the books throughout the years as he or she grows and matures.

A theme-based baby shower should tie all the elements of the celebration including the food, decorations, favors, and invitations together in an elegant, charming, and whimsical way. Planning a baby shower with a theme is an easy way to make the expectant mom and her guests feel honored and joyful at this special time.